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The payment of the delivery has uniquely to be made as prepayment. We send an invoice with the bank details to your email. After we have received the payment with the specification of your invoice number on our account, we will ship the ordered items.

Minimun order value

The minimun order value is 10 EUR. Orders lower than 10 EUR will be charged by an extra amount of the difference between the value of goods and this 10 EUR (= 10 EUR - value of goods). Concerning all customers outside Germany the minimun value order is 30 EUR. Orders lower than 30 EUR will be charged by an extra amount of the difference between the value of goods and this 30 EUR (= 30 EUR - value of goods).

Defective shipments

Make sure that you accept only undamaged parcels from the postal service; in case of doubt, open it in the presence of a postman. Never accept damaged parcel's! Because you show the will to take damaged goods with this behaviour. If there are some problems or discrepancies, please write down the name of the postman.

Claims and exchanges

To satisfy our customers completely, claims and exchanges of any other kind will be accepted within 4 weeks of invoice date. Please put a copy of the invoice, into the shipment. We cannot accept returns of certain items, including any CD or DVD. Audio-visual products will not be replaced unless there is a defect in the production. So please give a short statement for returning the goods. We will accept returns only if all postal charges are paid by sender. Discrepancies between the colour of the pictures on the webshop and the colour of the delivered products are results of a technical process and do not present any defect.

Usually we deliver your order within 7 days (within Germany). We will do our best to deliver all items of your order to you at once so you do not have to wait for an article to arrive. In addition to that the mail delivery service needs time to get the package to you, please keep in mind that we do not have any influence on that.We are always trying hard to deliver in the shortest time possible.


Am Hang 14
D 24794 Neu Duvenstedt / Germany

You`ll receive a cheque about the order value and, in case of a justified return, on top the postal charges.

You agree

that all necessary data will be recorded in our computer system, and will not be disclosed to third parties


These order conditions are valid for all orders. By sending your order, you accept these conditions. We are not able for the suitability of our products for a particular purpose. You have to inspect the products immediately after delivery. All delivered articles remain the property of MAFUBA GbR until they are paid completely. If one of the above mentioned stipulations become invalid all other stipulations will still be valid. All conditions and moreover all contracts of sale are subjected to German law.

  • All deliveries are subject to these terms of delivery.

  • All data necessary for delivery and processing are stored by our EDP department and we assure that they will not be handed over to any third party.

  • We assure our goods to be free of manufacturing or material defects or errors. We are not responsible for any misuse of our articles for purposes intended by the customer. The customer is obliged to check the goods for defects immediately after delivery.

  • Special offers are only valid while supplies last.
  • All prices are in Euro and are subject to change. This also applies for our terms of delivery. Changes in prices, errors and omissions expected.

  • The delivered goods remain our property until fully paid for.

  • The information on this website is protected by copyright. Reprints, even extracts must be authorized by the publisher.

  • In case one of the above mentioned regulations loses its validity the validity of the other regulations is not affected. Instead of the invalid regulation a valid regulation which resembles the economic purpose and the intention of the invalid regulation has to come into effect.

  • These regulations - as well as any contract for sale based on these regulations - are subject to German law.


Special offers are only valid as long as they are in stock. We reserve the right to change the prices if necessary. Alterations and mistakes subjected.


Contact: MAFUBA GbR
         D-Process SP
         Kieler Str. 211
         D-24768 Rendsburg

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