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MAFUBA was founded in 2002 by guitarist and producer Marc Breuer, ex-Groundox-vocalist René Westphal and drummer Timo Wriedt in Kiel.
After working with some lokal bassists, a new begin was made in 2004, with the bassist Peter Paulsen who worked in the studio with Andrew Eldrich and supported the 'Event Horizon Tour' of The Sisters Of Mercy in Europe, with his former band Scoda Blush.
Zacky Tsoukas formerly known as the drummer of Fair Warning, Souldoctor and the Helmut Zerlett Band (Harald Schmidt Show) joined the band, after Timo Wriedt left it because of private reasons in summer 2006.

The recordings for the MAFUBA-Debut-Album began after a short time of rehearsal in late summer 2004.
As a guest musician at the recordings the ATTACK-keyboarder Thomas St.Jones (T.R.O.S.) took part, under whose label PARODISE REC. the CD is released now.

After the release of the Debut-CD early 2005 and first live-gigs, the MAFUBA-song "Numero Uno" that was on the Debut-CD, was released on the Hitpack-fresh Volume 5 sampler, besides songs of 41 other bands. "Numero Uno" reached the 4th place at the Hitpack5-voting, where about 500 000 voters were asked for their favourite song on this sampler.
Articles and reviews followed in German music magazines like Eclipsed, InMusic or Soundcheck, where MAFUBA appeared on the Club-Gig-DVD with three live-videos.
Since the MAFUBA-Debut-Album is distributed by EDEL, it is available in all stores over Europe. Japan and the USA shall follow...

In the summer of 2005 the band began with the song writing for the next album and the work on a documentary under participation of autor, movie producer and director Wolfgang Dinslage ("Die Katze von Altona").
The second CD was recorded on September and October 2006, this time with Zacky Tsoukas on drums.
The DVD that will follow, will also content film material from these recording sessions. impressum